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800 bag per hour flour automatic packing line in WILMAR

  • Processed Material:Wheat flour
  • Capacity:600-800 bag per hour
  • Applications:Carousel packing line for flour

Site Conditions

800 bag per hour automatic packing line in WILMAR

As one of world Top 500 companies, Wilmar flour mill plant was our earliest customer, which accepted our flour automatic bagger and packer in their carousel packing line for testing and running. Jingu is the only company who signed group purchase agreement with Wilmar group to promote our JFZF25 flour automatic packers. Total more than 50 units our machines were used in Wilmar flour milling plant with good proformance and stable running.

Customer Evaluation

JINGU Automatc bagging line was researched and developed originating from our primer thought of saving heavy labor operation and solve the trouble of manpower lack. Surprisingly, Jingu realized successfully the world' first automatic bagging system for 25kg flour PP woven bag. Good performance, saving labour cost, high efficient operation prove future automation market in flour mill plant. We have ordered 50 units to used for most of our existed 25kg flour packing lines. Looking forward more products to be continue.



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